LU Continental Biscuits

Pakistan’s largest biscuit brand is now here at TazaMart. Order your favorite snacks right here from online grocery store and enjoy the sweet and salty flavors with tea or all by themselves. A choice for all ages, Lu Biscuits Pakistan have more than 12 different flavors so that you are not bored and that your taste buds keep on craving for more and more all along.

It’s not just about the fun side of snacking as LU Pakistan now offers Wheatable, a complete diet option. Looking for low sugar, high protein and low fat gaining option, then have a bite at Wheatable. A complete meal as LU claims it to be, Wheatable are just the right choice at times when you have dietary issues. They are light and yet can fill your appetite to the full.

And if you are looking for something more traditional then do try out the newly offered Nan Khatai. The traditional home baked biscuits are now being offered by LU in contemporary packing and with a typical LU taste. Other than this you can also have your taste buds lured in with the likes of Candi, Tuc, Zeera Plus and Oreo, all right here at TazaMart.

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