The Keune color range is designed to make hair look beautiful and glossy. All hair concerns can be solved with a hair color that gives sleek and amazing texture. Whether your hair is dry, rough or damaged, Keune’s formula is designed to bring hair back to life.

The key to beautiful and healthy hair is a clean scalp. Thus, Keune hair color products are enriched with various active ingredients that nurture and soothe the scalp. Along with proper scalp treatment, your hair is exposed to luxurious pampering and deep conditioning which results in beautiful and shiny hair.

Each product has a strong heritage with deep scientific roots. The formulas are specially designed to enrich the hair with necessary mineral complexes. The product is prepared through scientific practices based on long established exercises. Complex present in the Keune products improve all hair and scalp concerns. The mineral present in the formula work together to condition, treat and nourish hair to give unparalleled results.

For great hair, great care is important. Nobody can do it better than Keune. Its rich heritage make the brand one of the most recognized and widely used product all over Pakistan. Keune’s hair care line is also one of the most influential line in the country, bringing women forward and make them feel confident.

All colors and shades are made with natural process. Each one of them have a different phenomenon with top-of-the line organic and ingredients. The colors are good for hair and perfect for bringing hair back to life.

Keune’s range of hair colors are free from paraben and ammonia. These colors are enhanced with organic argon oil which makes the formula gentle and even more nourishing. Inspired by the nature’s beauty, the amazing range of Keune’s colors lasts a long time, covering every grey strand.

Keune is easily available on the online grocery store at affordable prices. They are available on TazaMart in all the popular shades and colors. Don’t miss out some of the most amazing deals and discounts on Keune hair color.

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