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Fruitien Orange Juice – 200 ml.

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200 ml.

In stock

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Fruitien is all about our passion for fruits. It lets the seekers of good things, honestly enjoy themselves with all things pure, giving them the taste and quality of the freshest and ripest fruit in every sip. Fruitien delivers the finest, tastiest and the purest fruit filled experience to tickle your taste buds. Consistency in our quality and taste is religiously ensured by our stringent quality conscious mindset where even the slightest departure from global standards is not tolerated, from the fruits we use to the taste of product we so passionately make.

Citropak is the largest producer of different fruit concentrates, purees and specialized products in Pakistan. It commenced its operations with broad experience and technical know-how inherited from Cargill Pakistan Citrus Ltd; a wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill Inc. U.S.A.

Citropak owes its status as the preferred supplier of fruit concentrates, purees and allied products, to the high quality of its products, services and the ability to quickly respond to the changing requirements of its valued customers that range from local to MNCs and international as well.

With 25 years of experience in producing and supplying high quality fruit products for juice producers, Citropak will touch the hearts of juice lovers with its seven variants under the brand Fruitien.


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