Dettol Pakistan

Dettol Pakistan for long has remained a trusted name for local households in Pakistan. You can find complete range of toiletries and personal product range here being offered by Dettol. At TazaMart we have the complete range from Dettol Pakistan. From hand soaps to liquid soaps, from surface cleaners to the typical Dettol extra care anti-septic solution and from multi surface cleaner to hand sanitizer, you will find everything in the product line of Dettol. The anti-bacteria solution promoted by Dettol can now be found as a basic ingredient in each of Dettol’s products, be it the personal care or the surface cleaning.

Having a solution that provides you a complete of anti-septic option, getting you the care for your cuts and bruises or for your regular baths, Dettol has taken personal care to the very next level. Your hygiene is no more just a talk, it is happening and being exclusively looked after by Dettol. With an evolving range of soaps, from skin care to re-energizing formulas and from Dettol gold to the methanol flavored, the range will simply surprise you. Get yourself and your loved ones the care they deserve through Dettol, order online now.

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