From the world of delights we bring you Bisconni. Be it the yummy chocolaty biscuits or be it the salty side, Bisconni promises a crunchy and crispy snack time. Looking for a light snack or planning to get yourself baked a heavy Rite cake. Bisconni biscuits bring you sweet and salty all at the same time. Go for the wafers or the mini cakes, Bisconni has a whole bakery range so that your taste buds are not bored of the same thing. With more than a dozen of different brands being offered, you will find it all here in Bisconni range.

The new craze of children, Cocomo brings chocolate filled in round biscuits. Munch in as many of them and you won’t feel a tidy of heavy. The light and delicious Cocomo have been prepared for children that can have both chocolate craze of their balanced with biscuits. And it is not only children that Bisconni looks after at. With its salty options it has just the perfect tea time offering. Have your hi-teas now served with the complete range of Bisconni. Order Bisconni online from TazaMart, leading grocery and confectionary store in Pakistan.

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